I am unable to login for support

I am trying to log in to Theme Fusion to submit a support ticket and I am then transferred to the Wordpress site and I can’t log in there either - however I do have an account - I have bought the Avada theme - I have tried to use the purchase code number to log in and that doesn’t work either - i then tried to sign up and of course my user name and email address are already used - so I have signed up - can anyone help me get to the support page without this information - perhaps my account has been locked?

Hi Zoe

Please make sure that you signed up for Avada support using these instructions -> http://bit.ly/1LKKsrw - if you have and still have an issue, please email your info to support@theme-fusion.com and we will check into this for you and get it sorted.

Thank you

Thank you - I can sign in to this forum
I have an AVADA account
When I ask to send the email re my user name or email address it tells me there is no such an account
I have an Avada account and have paid for the theme - and a product key number - Am I doing something wrong here?
Can you please help.
Kind regards