Can't find the error as Envato reviewer feedback. Someone help me, please.

We have an issue with my new item. We can’t find the error as Envato reviewer feedback. On our site, it still works fine Screenshot by Lightshot.
This is the feedback: theme looks unfinished / broken: Screen Capture on 2022-05-12 at 08-41-06.mp4 - Droplr
This is the theme package install: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Someone can help me check it? Maybe we missed some config to check it.

Very basic design ui. You need to improve more design quality. I suggest you can check latest uploaded items. There no specific issues. Complete template. You can understand at present days free templates also very advanced morden ui available. So premium templates required more design standards. You can follow latest trends.

Hi @YoloTheme,

You will need to share demo URL to get feedback from the fellow authors.
As far I can see from the reviewer feedback video your theme dropdown menu is not working as it should. Also spacing and alignment issues.


Yes, that is the theme with unit test example data, not the theme demo. Thanks.

Yes, I know that issue from the reviewer feedback. But it doesn’t appear on our site testing. So can I email to ask the theme reviewer for environmental testing? Example PHP version, browser testing…

You can share demo URL to get feedback from the fellow authors.

You should to try to find out the issue mentioned by the reviewer. PHP version, browser should not an issue where reviewer always use latest version.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will try to find the solution.