Can we subscribe to Tutsplus minus Elements?

Hi is their an option to only subscribe for tuts plus and not both tuts plus and elements?

I was a subscriber to tuts plus for a long time, but now the price has doubled to incorporate the elements package, which i do not need or want for an extra 15dollars.

Is their a way to subscribe to only tuts plus at 15 dollars a month like other websites?
and if not will their be any plans to offer customers this option



Seems that the tagline from TutsPlus website says it all: “One Subscription Two Great Sites”. As I see now you can’t subscribe to TutsPlus only. You should get the elements subscription to access the TutsPlus.


Sounds a bit strange to me too :expressionless:

+1 to this. I have no interest in elements or it being forces upon subscribers.

Hi @chamberscolm,

Thanks for your question! @ThemeSLR is correct, access to Envato Tuts+ is now only available with an Elements subscription. We believe these two products work really well together, giving you everything you need to create and deliver projects better and quicker.

However, for a limited time you can get an annual subscription to Elements for only $19 per month. That includes Tuts+ (formerly $15 per month), but also 400,000+ creative assets and WordPress themes and plugins.

These two products also work well on their own. So your point doesn’t make much sense. You sure are entitled to your beliefs, though.


So I have to pay a lumpsum of over 200dollars to get access to a package which I will use 1/5 for 19dollars per month.

I have no issue paying extra for templates and themes, plugins when needed at and extra cost but I think the tuts plus should be offered as a separate package even if it costs 19dollars


Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to offer a separate subscription for Tuts+, but it’s really useful to get your feedback.

I’d be interested to know what Tuts+ content you’re most interested in, which topics are you looking for?

@JoelBankhead ok hopefully they offer the package as a standalone again in the future.

I use tutsplus to learn more on code development only. This package provides tuts on design and many other categories which I’m happy to pay for and not use but adding 15dollars ontop for elements seems to be a waste of money. I only want the sports package not the full entertainment package :wink:

Maybe if enough interest is shown tuts plus could discuss the return of paying for tuts plus only as it is a great website. rival websites are half the price and offer more than one package options

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That makes sense! I appreciate that Elements doesn’t have as much to offer someone interested in code as it does a web or graphic designer. Thanks!

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I’m confused how they work well together though, the point of Tut+ is to teach you how to create things, Elements eliminates the need for that to create anything.

The user needs one or the other, not really both.

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