Can We Sale Themeforest Account?

Is themeforest allow to sale complete profile to any one.

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Short answer is NO you can’t buy/sell accounts or items and reupload them elsewhere or under a different account.

So does that mean that if Google came one day (not too hard to imagine) with a nice $$ offer to buy all of Envato that Envato will reply to them ‘no we can’t do that’ ?


That’s different - a company acquisition is not the same as selling personal profiles or items.

Even then envato can’t sell your item to Google for any amount of money. The whole model here unlike most marketplaces is that envato don’t own the copyright to the items for sale.

They do control the marketplace and what authors can/can’t do with items being sold on it hence preventing sales of accounts/file transfer etc.

That’s clear…but they can sell their portfolio behind the scenes without ever letting anyone know about it. Can’t they? I don’t know why such a question was asked to begin with… You can sell your car without asking Mercedes for permission. I’m over simplifying of course but that’s it basically.

In essence yes an author could do this but I remember two cases:

Once the original author had removed items from their profile but envato blocked the guy who bought them from resubmitting and effectively making them useless.

Another when someone was having issues trying to change all the personal and payment info on an account having bought it behind the scenes and it not being possible while raising flags.

I’m sure it’s possible behind the scenes but envato aren’t stupid and it seems like a big gamble.

OK I apologize,to me it just seemed a simple thing to do (and not illegal or anyhow shady by the way).

Not sure it is illegal but definitely against author terms

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Basically i know the persons who bought and sold the profiles, even now a days some authors are fed up from themeforest and leaving by selling profile. Even an elite author selling his profile.

I’m sure there are people doing this and no doubt some get away with it.

I can only explain that it’s against the rules so if someone wants to take that risk then it’s their decision but if they get burnt then they have no leg to stand on.

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What if I sell my company? That will include my themes and TF account, the new owner can use the account without changing anything. Is that allowed?

Is the account all registered in your name and details or in the company name and business details?


Registered with company name and business details.

You need to ask suppprt but I still don’t think it will be ok as accounts not transferable and while selling the business is a less obvious or direct route, it’s the same result