Can we do an exchange, with Houzez theme with Homey Theme purchase and license?

A client purchased Houzez theme last month, before I started helping on their website project. They needed the booking calendar system for short term and long term rentals.

They hired me to get the booking calendar plugin to work on the site and the free version does not do what they expected and the paid version costs $389 to purchased and they do not want to go that route.

We would like to do an exchange and just wondering if we should contact the author to do this or ask envato is the best way to go about this, because it is the same author for both themes.

you should to contact the theme author and let hem know.

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thank you, just sent them a request at their website. Was going to do last night, then got to thinking, maybe this is something that needs to be done here via envato. As the client was going to purchase homey and thought it was best we try the exchange first, as they paid me more than the theme cost to let them know that Homey has a built in booking system, as houzez has to use 3rd party booking plugin they recommended to us and it costs $389.

Item in envato market are from the item author and it is digital market. As you have already downloaded the theme then you can request the theme author but it is totally depends on the author how they will response you. Hope author will assist you because you need another theme from the same author.

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Will update here, as we are confident the authors will do it! Thankfully they have the homey theme that does suit our needs better, and solve our dilemma. If for some reason they choose not to and want us to purchase homey license too… We will consider going with wprentals or another, and for sure make sure our review and rating of houzez is shared!

Sharing that would share negative feedback which is completely unfounded is not only inappropriate but also not going to do your request for a favour from the author (when they would in no way be obliged to) any favours

so are all the feedback ratings and reviews sugar coated? Not really looking for any special favors, they did not tell us or show that the paid booking plugin was required and told us to use the free version only… $389 for something that we thought was going to be free. A review and rating would be based upon that… and also if the author helped remedy with an exchange or not. Sorry that is just the way it goes.

The original post doesn’t mention it but if the author was aware of the exact requirements and still told you the free one would do what you wanted then that’s different.

If that is the case then it might also be worth reaching out to them to see if they do know of a solution using the free version.

I’d also check it’s not the same with any either theme

We spent way to much time already trying to get the free booking plugin they recommend to use for the reservation system integrated and function the way that was expected and if you look, you can see that they have a built in booking system in the homey theme. It is not quiet what we wanted, as houzez is set up more for property sales, then it is rentals and our business model is geared more for rentals where we need a reservation system that does not cost $389 for one time fee or annually, as the theme cost is all this project budgeted for purchase expenses.

While we are on the subject, as this author, they advertise on their website that they are a team that can be trusted. We all know and trust what the right thing to do is here, as it was not really a questions of if they will, as much as it is a question of how is the best way to go about it. The review and ratings system for this theme and all themes should reflect and not be sugar coated with a bunch of praises that are based on the users afraid it will costs them with support or going to get blacklisted by the author and there will be consequences for leaving a review and/or rating. As rewarding users to leave 5 stars and get a coupon for $10 off next purchase, or something like that might be okay, …that is another thread and off topic to a large extent, though it is related to some extent.

This would not be allowed in envato’s rules.

Reviews are not sugar-coated (you would be amazed how many buyer threaten authors with 1 star reviews when they are more often than not completely in the wrong).

Again, if the author told you that it can be done using the free version and it genuinely can’t then 100% you’d be in your right to be critical of that.

If it is just that the theme was bought and turned out to not fulfil your needs or suit you project and your client doesn’t want to invest properly in what’s needed, then that does not seem fair to leave poor reviews for, as it is not related to the author or item.

This item have well over 1K 5* reviews and the author is power elite so that does mean something, and is a pretty good indicator of quality.

Being that big as an author means that they well authorise your swap – just trying to add perspective given that they would not be required to

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The author responded an hour or so ago, that they got the request and will review it. This is more important, as we could have purchased the homey theme by now and while we would have lost $60, at least the project would be on schedule, as this was a planned launched next week, that was already behind schedule and budget, and one would think, they would understand this and know, since they have been answering all the support questions for 2 months from the client struggling with the booking system.
Time is of the essence,

The Houzez theme purchase was made by the client based on the ratings and reviews and so is the choice to use the Homey theme… A review and rating can be based on several things, as you look at the houzez theme and does it give you the impression that reservations and bookings is possible. Then look at the booking plugin they recommend and told the client to use, as the client purchased the theme thinking could do both, sales and rental bookings.

From the houzez website:

Discover the features that make Houzez the most customizable and flexible WordPress theme for real estate

The client read documentation and misunderstood the features of the booking plugin limitations in free version and I must admit it confuses me too, especially after following their instructions on how to do it.

booking calendar pricing plans, note multi user license


Just an update, we are still waiting for their answer, some 48 hours later and have emailed and asked when they expect to answer and let them know that we have the project on hold and are waiting. No vacation responder, nothing… even if it was a holiday, it does not seem to be as a urgent a matter to them, as it is to us. We are considering contacting wprentals today with a few questions, as their product might suit our needs better anyway, as we will see how fast their response is, on a few features that their theme does not have that homey does…as we just put $60 on it, they would add anything homey has hahah

Update: FaveThemes responded back and said that we can get a refund for the Houzez theme and then purchase Homey Theme.

Way more than we expected from them, as the purchase was several months ago and now we have the option to choose between their Homey or the wpRentals theme, that is by another author or any other theme and are not forced to stay with FaveThemes is an option. Something that was very nice and we like, even if we do decide and choose to go with the Homey theme by FaveThemes

Someone jprgs emailed us somehow and sent us this and clicked here to follow the link in email and not seeing the post.

The video is the basic instructions in part, they have several videos on how to use the theme, this video however, does not mention anything about the booking reservation system in houzez.

December 28

Hi there, i have searched a video that can possibly help you, you can (removed) or check this out. It is about Houzez theme.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in and responded on this thread and have the greatest all!

Could you please advise which theme you decided to choose?! Homey or WP Rental?
As I have the same issue, it is already 4 month searching here and there to find out how to solve this calendar problem but in vain!