Can someone help me to know why they reject my template?

I have sent my template twice, and I have been rejected because they say that it does not meet the quality standards.

I put a link to the demo to see if someone can help me:

Thanks for your time.

You have great features there, a lot of pages but the design is low - and that is the reason why is rejected.
Also, there are to many animation which are not necessary.

The guy/team (or yourself) who has coded (developer) has done well job, but the design is to low.

Personal, I think you have a potential there, but you must improve a lot your design or to start to work with some designer who has approved PSD here and to convert that in templates.


Thank you very much for your feedback.

When you talk about the design, what do you mean exactly? The structure of the content, the type of content, the design of the different components …

Some concrete example would help me to know what it refers to and be able to improve.

Thank you very much!

i have check you theme same link you check


Yes, it’s my template. Is it not possible to have the same template in two different sites?

Not if you are an exclusive author (which you are) - guaranteed it will never be approved whilst for sale elsewhere

I didn’t know this information. Thanks for the clarification. I will work on other exclusive projects.

Thank you all.