My template was rejected

my this template rejected 3 times reason is quality of standard.
i choose category is app template.

link is below

plz provide me a solution.

I have checked your mobile template design; your starting point is good but not all.
Your Landing Page designs good but not standard design to compare other landing page design on ThemeForest design, and I have find some issue on your responsive and inner pages design.
I hope that it helps you to find some idea to rejections items.

And you have check some latest design on ThemeForest that approve recently.

good luck for your next design.


I have saw your item design.
I think main rejection reason is design quality.This type of design is already exist on Envato Market.
Improve your item design quality hope they will approved.




  1. Old design
  2. Typography issues
  3. Logo style
  4. Images used
  5. Color selection
  6. Section consistency
  7. Hover effect
  8. Responsive issues

Request to first research from other Author’s work. Every author faces the same issue on their first product. Do not worry, you made your first product well but it has not the proper standard which required for Themeforest.