Can I use the content I downloaded from

I want to subscribe to the inventory (

-> But I have a few questions, can you please help me?

I will number my questions, if you answer by numbers, I can understand you better, thank you. (I am thinking of subscribing for a year.)

1- Suppose I downloaded content from the “Video Templates” section. Can I use this downloaded content (Video Templates) in MY OWN PROJECTS when my subscription ends?

2- Can I transfer it to someone else with a content license that I downloaded from the “Video Templates” section? I will not use the content I transferred again. Can I transfer content with the license in the “Video Templates” section this way?

*** Place specified in Articles 1 and 2:

3- Can I use a content that I downloaded from the “Music” section in a work I posted on youtube? I’m youtuber, I want to use it on the videos I shoot, is this possible?


I have read the following sections ( I’m a little confused because my English isn’t very good. As I said, I think I will understand better if only the questions I ask are answered. Thanks for your answers …

  1. No
  2. No. You can transfer an end product (without source files) that you’ve created using an Elements item to a client, for example (at which point they will have a limited sub-license to make use of the end product)… but you can’t transfer the items ‘as is’ to anyone.
  3. Yes.
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Sir, thank you very much for your answers. Now there are a few new questions in the purchase, I would be glad if they are answered in the same way. :slight_smile:

1- Can I continue to use a theme that I downloaded from Wordpress section after my subscription ends?

2- Can I transfer the wordpress theme that I downloaded after my membership ended, to someone else with the license? (I will not use the theme I transferred from the license again)

3- Can I continue to use a plug-in that I downloaded from Wordpress after my subscription ends?

I mean from the above items:

4- After my membership is over, can I use the content I downloaded from “Stock Video” in the content I prepared to publish in YouTube? (

5- After my membership is over, can I continue to publish content that I downloaded from “Music” section on my youtube channel?

6- Can I continue to use the content I downloaded from the “add-ons” section in my own projects after my membership expires? (


On elements, you have to register each element you license for a specific project. This item stays licensed for this project even after you unsubscribe. You cannot use it for other projects, as you would need to regiser a new license for that specific project and are unable to because you ended your subscription.

This should answer all your questions.

Basically, no, you are not allowed to subscribe for one month, download everything, and then make use of it for 100s of projects for free after that.

Regarding any transferring of licenses, only the finished end product can be transferred, not the license for any elements.

Basically, Elements is a steal, for that price you get thousands of high quality assets. The licensing is reasonable, so anything that tricks the system in a way of using items, selling items etc outside of an active subscription is not allowed.
You are free to end your subscription and still have all rights to the projects you have done while you were subscribed. This is also reasonable.

As an author on Elements I would ask for the buyers to be reasonable as well. Your question sounds a lot like what you are planning to do is not so reasonable…