can i use elements.envato product after cancelling subscription

Hey, I’m thinking about to subscribe elements.envato. I have a website development agency. I will download products such as WordPress themes during the subscription. Maybe I need to use those previous downloaded items for my future clients after cancelling the subscription. So my question is, can I use those previous downloaded items after cancelling the subscription? Do I still get permission to use those products???


Are you sure? Asking because I made some research and got this,specified%20when%20it%20was%20licensed.

  1. You must stay subscribed until the project is finished. So, you download the theme and if you need 2 months to finish the project, you need to stay Subscribed for 2 months

  2. After you cancel your subscription all finished projects are ok and they can continue to use items which you have downloaded from Elements but you are not allowed to create a new projects with the same items until you don’t subscribe again.

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No. Why complicate?

You are not allowed to create a new project with the same items until you don’t subscribe again = You mean I can’t use the same item twice after cancelling subscription?

And, if I download and licensed a product, but I didn’t use it during subscription. After cancelling the subscription, can I use that item?

No - you must be subscribed at the time that any project using the item is completed.

If for example you are building a website using a template and you finish the website while you are subscribed then you can keep using it after your subscription ends.

However, if you download the template and do not use it/finish the website while subscribed, then you cannot use it to finish that project or for a new project in the future without resubscribing