Can I use envento graphics in my game to sale on codecanyon??

I am game developer and i have one question can i use envento graphics into my game and sale the game source code on the codecanyon??
I want to buy unlimited items on graphic river web through monthly subscription. But i am confuse can i use that graphics in a game and sale that game on codecanyon??

Not without permission from the original author

Then why they are selling unlimited graphics on graphic river with commercial license. If they need the author permission??

The “commercial license” is broad and there are restrictions preventing it being used multiple times from a single download - see point 11

But i can see on codecanyon many developer using the envento paid graphics in their games?? If they can’t redistribute or sale then why they are selling the game source code with paid graphics from last five years

Maybe they own the item, maybe they have permission, or perhaps they are breaking the license (which could easily lead to the account being banned).

It’s hard to say without investigating BUT either way without the original authors permission then it’s not allowed.


Please keep in mind the 2 main rules:

  1. You should only use assets in your items that you own or have a license to use.
  2. You can also use watermarked Envato Market assets in your item previews, if you give the other author credit.

What Assets Can I Use In My Items?

Assets in Item Previews: