can I use a premium font from Envato Elements for multiple commercial projects?

if I install a font, can I use it again and again for commercial purposes for videos/posters? I will use it only while having my subscription active but after 1-2 years, the videos or posters can still be used, right?

hi i am not an expert but such issues but i would say that yes … may be this is better to ask @XioxGraphix and @mgscoder they are great technicians , i am sure that they will know the answer

For fonts and add-ons, a Single Use is the installation of the Item on your device. The license starts when you Register the installation, and you can then use the font or add-on to create as many projects as you like, for as long as your Envato Elements subscription remains active.

You can find more info here:

Yes, the videos and posters that you created and finalised during the subscription, can be used after the subscription.