can I use a premium font from Envato Elements to make a commercial logo?

Hi! I downloaded some fonts from Envato Elements:

can I use these fonts for making logos and titles and use those logos and titles for commercial purposes? I will export them as PNGs and Videos and not give the font file itself.

Also, can I use these logos and videos after my Envato License is expired? These end products (logos and videos I make from the fonts) are my property forever without paying any extra royalty, right?

Kindly confirm this, I’m really confused as to how these licenses work! Thank you so much!

hi, as for i know, of course u can, if u wanna make sure , pls check with @charlie4282 @mgscoder or @XioxGraphix

for commercial license query contact Elements Support will be the right choice.

so it’s not like I am selling the logo. I am just editing a video for a social media influencer and I’ll be using fonts from Envato to edit their video. The video will only stay on IGTV videos. I mean, this is pretty basic right?

I should be allowed to use these fonts for IGTV videos right?

@charlie4282 @XioxGraphix any help on this?

From what I understand this is definitely okay to do. Though I would still try contacting support just to be 100% sure.

thanks! I’ve contacted Envato Support too!