Can I upgrade a license?

I am trying to figure out which license to purchase. At this point, I think I only need it for an audience of 10MM, but if I end up needing to increase to an unlimited audience at some point, can I upgrade and pay the difference or will I need to purchase the additional license? Thank you!

You can contact support who, depending on the case, may let you upgrade if necessary.

You are talking about music licenses, right? What is your intended use of the music?

Audience is relevant only to broadcast use. What counts is the potential reach, so you shouldn’t need to upgrade, as long as you know where your project will end up being broadcasted.

Yes I am looking at a music license that will be used in a TV spot. I won’t know for a while where exactly and for how long it’s going to be broadcast so there’s a potential that the audience size may increase to over 10MM at some point much later in the future.

In that case, support should be able to facilitate the upgrade for you. Though you want to run this by them beforehand, should you need “guarantees”.

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