Can i sell my item's other version?


Hi! I have an item on videohive. Customer wants to buy not animated version of file, but 3d model of this item. Can i sell it? I can ask him also to buy animated version.


Please help :slight_smile:

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I think that you can sell 3D model category videohive “4d cinema”, good luck regards.

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Thanks for reply, but it was made in maya.

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no file maya because it’s rejected but you can work on 4D cinema file for videohive approved it.


You may upload 3D model to 3docean.


You can sell it, I see no problem here in this case, condition is you should be a owner of that model and the buyer should not re sell that model in the Market places, otherwise you can sell that model, Experts correct me if I am wrong

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Than you will sell 3D on 3docean but videohive animation 3D category “cinema 4D”

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I seen MadGogal’s portfolio and almost items in Motion Graphic category, that’s mean he still can sale 3d models on 3docean or other site if he want because currently he don’t sell 3d models in any project on Videohive.


Selling same model, animation with that across the Envato(like grphicriver, 3d ocean, videohive ) is not at all the violation, but being the exclusive author if you are selling the same model in other market place then it is the violation, As i understood from ur first post, customer of yours want a source file of the model u have used in one of your animation listed in videohive, in this case you can sell it, if the conditions in my previous post is met,.


I saw few exclusive authors selling an AE template and he still made a same project and sell in Apple Motion, I think he uses the same video assets or model in two templates. What do you think about this case?


Thank you for your answers! :slight_smile: i think, even if the buyer will resell it on the other market place, i won’t know… I will upload it on 3D Ocean. Thank you again for help! Wish you a lot of sales :slight_smile:


If the AE and the Apple templates are both on VideoHive then that’s fine. If they’re on different sites, then it might have been fine back in the day, but not with the new exclusivity rules. One project, multiple formats… would be classed as a family of items, and the family need to stick together when it comes to exclusivity.

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Like StrokeVorkz says, should be no problem with this. You can sell it directly as well, so you’ll get more money, rather than having to prepare, upload and wait for review. But moving forward, he might not be the only buyer who’ll be interested in the model, so it would be wise to add it to 3DOcean as well.

True, but always best to tell the buyer, so they know, and you have documented evidence if anything comes of it.

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too much headache for 10$ :slight_smile: I will try to upload it to 3DOcean. Hope it won’t take a lot of time and will be submitted without troubles.
Thanks you for your answer! :slight_smile: