Selling exclusive items outside Videohive

Hi videohiver. A a client is interested by some projects of mine. I told him that i will provide him only with the final renders with his brand. But he asks me about source files. Can i sell him projects with sources and get money from him without passing by videohive ??? He will use them only on tv not for resale. Please help because i dont want to make any mistake or infrigment.
Thank you

Typically, how I’ve always handled it, is I’ve asked the customer/client to purchase a copy of the project and then provide me with the purchase code for confirmation. That way, even if you provide them with the project files, they technically own a license for the files they purchased.

Thank you for answer. In fact i thought that is the right way to do it. But the client havnt access to purchase from internet. So if i understand you well, i cannot give him source without owning license ???

Correct, if the item is part of an Exclusive Videohive account, you cannot distribute those files outside of the Videohive marketplace. He must purchase the item so that he owns a license to use the project source files.

Thank you so much. I will only provide him the renders of them.

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As I know, if you want to show final product on TV, you should buy project with Extended licence.

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Can i purchae my own items for him?? How to do that if its possible??

Unfortunately no, authors cannot purchase their own items.

Thank you :slight_smile: