Can i sell Mobile apps in envato ?

Hello there i am a full stack web developer and flutter mobile app developer
and i have an android app that takes data from website’s api calls both of them the app and the website are programmed by me and this app does a specific job which i have created it to do so if i will sell i have to sell the website (the back-end) and the app(front-end) the website also has front-end for the admin to manage the items and the website so the question is :-
is envato the right place to sell my app and website as one package to be used for its specific purpose ?

I think this sounds too clever for here and it would lack stock marketplace appeal.

You can sell both website & mobile app as single item or as a seperate module (if app is not compulsary) on codecanyon. Many authors are already using this strategy. Envato is a great place but what matters the most is your item niche/category and ofcourse, your item quality ! Hope it helps !

ok thank you all everyone