Good APP, Little Sales!

Hi, that’s my first topic here in envato forum :slight_smile:

I have uploaded my first android application 6 months ago. Just a little webview with good design, the first week I was very happy for my first sale so, I worked again to support features, not on another webview apps like bookmarks and download manager, etc… A better way with ads and functions but in the end it’s just a webview app.

After 5 updates in v.1.5 I started to support APIs like YouTube and Vimeo, Pinterest, etc… A total of 7 APIs with very great design and functionally at my current 31 customers eyes but still getting low sales. I have made a website so you can manage the app with remote config and I have made discounts but the same low sales and some small webview apps get sales.

This is my app if you prefer to see what is missing from your experience:

Mint - Full & Creative Multipurpose Android App

I’m working every day to make it better.

There’re lots of apps on the market and most of the buyers only check the first/second page of the “list” at Envato. Consider FB/Google advertise to promote your item or create a new item every “x” weeks

Well, that seems helpful to me but how can I promote my product? Do you mean outside Codecanyon like advertising my website and product or following good promotions made by Envato?

Something else, can I make a free app or plugin that client must review & rate my actual app to use it? can I?

My app uses remote config so, I think an android application can make it better for clients to track their app and configure it from their phones!

Thank you for your helpful answer :slight_smile:

I believe you can put the app to the Google Store for the advertisement purposes but I’m not sure about your app content so this may not be the solution. Considering that, you can just use paid advertise to promote your item over Facebook/Google

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I think Advertising is a good way to advertise my app but the problem in the Google Play Store is that some people who download the app using it as a free product not a demo even if described as demo and they will rate it with 2 stars :frowning:

I think my app is not the best but it’s better than some apps with more 800 sale. Actually I saw them in their startup and I just said: I will not add my app, it’s not ready yet and it was very ready.