Presell question before i sell an item on codecanyon

can i sell an mobile app for another author web app script on codecanyon ?
also how can i change my username that preview on side of my selling product page?

you can sell only your own created item and only from your profile. you can’t use another author account to sell your item and also you can’t sell another author item from your profile. Thanks

sorry but you didn’t understand me,
i mean that there is a script “web application” let’s call it “publisher”.
i made a mobile application in flutter with the connection of the script “publisher” to make people able to use the script on mobile.
i programmed the mobile app and i’ll publish it on my account on envato, but not the script

You need to provide all the file including scripts so that buyer can change or modify code.

you must have to get written permission from the script author to use it in your mobile app to sell it on envato market.

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But i won’t use it, just the user who will buy my script will have to buy his script too to be able to use
That’s will increase his sales though, so why not

you can’t force customer to purchase another script for using your script. if you need another script to run your script then you must have to provide that script into your item bundle. but there is some exception as like if you create an add-on for a plugin which will need the parent plugin to run the add-on then you don’t need to add the parent plugin (for example in case visual composer add-on you don’t need to include visual composer).