Can I sell add-ons from inside my script ?


I have a question. Can I sell add-ons from inside my script (that’s, it’s going to be an add-on shop on the admin panel) and add-ons are not going to be on the codecanyon market?


Hi @Lobage!

All add-ons for a script are considered part of the same “product family” which, under the Exclusivity Agreement, must all be sold exclusively on Envato for an exclusive author like yourself.

You can upload them in the Add-ons category. Personally, having sold add-ons for my scripts on CodeCanyon like this myself in the past, I would say it’s 100% worth it due to the extra exposure that the add-ons bring.

Here’s the relevant section of the policy in case you’d like to read on it further:

Hope that helps!