Is my product suitable for envato market?

I have create a webapp platform for crypto currency trading. it is based on php and javascript.
i was thinking about to sell it in the envato market to reach more possible buyers, but i dont know if my product is suitable for envato market. can somebody check my product and tell me is that can be sell here, my website link is:


Yes, you can sell such products. But right now you have nothing to offer.
To be honest, I did not understand what I saw when I opened your link. In the market, you can only sell premium quality items. You need not only an excellent back front, but also a modern convenient design.

Take a look at the examples that are already on the market:

i have look to the other offers which you showed. i can see these offers are more professional coded, but i also see they sell just license, i dont understand what this should mean, what can i do with a license?
What i want to sel it the source code of my complete platform. You say you did not understand my platform, maybe take a look in my twitch livestream: it is a trading platform for managing your exchanges accounts.

You can’t sell items as a one off i.e. once it’s sold it’s gone.

Hence why buyers get access to the source code but on a license basis.

Your platform is lacking premium features. With respect, the design is bad. I also didn’t understand what your platform is offering, it just looks like a static page with large banners.

i never did see how this should work. if a buyer get access to source code why can he not just copy all source code?
and hoe will create this access and license system? i just have the source code for my product.

i have here a version on youtube with video where you can see more how it works, which functions it all have:

normaly i would say it have already a lot of functions, but i dont know how to sell it.

They get the source code so they can make their own version of an item or integrate it elsewhere. Envato provide the license but you still need to create documentation, working demos etc.

It sounds more like you just want to sell access to be a user on your system. That is not the point of these marketplaces

no i dont want to sell just access, i want to sell the complete source codes, because i have it already.
but it sounds like you say that i can not sell the source code, but a license. but i dont udnerstand this point. either i give access to the source codes and they get it or i dont give them the source code i dont udnerstand how this license works. if you give somebody access to source codes then you have give him already everythink or not?

It’s basically what you want to do.

the license just retains copyright to you and enforces a few other limitatons around what buyers can do with the code, but in essence it’s selling the complete thing

Either way, with respect, you have a long way to go before it’s at the standard to sell here

ok so if you tell me my product does not match standard and i can not sell it because of that, then it know at least that i dont need to try it to sell it here or?

and because of the source code and license, that looks really like a joke for me if you give all source codes to a coder he dont care about license if he want he can change it and sell it as his own product one day.

Within the license terms they can modify it, integrate it with another platform etc. and then sell that. The license only prevents them selling it ‘as is’ or on envato marketplaces even with modification.

Out of interest if you don’t want to sell the source code, and you don’t want to sell access to be a user of your system (if it were an option), what is the alternative to sell?

i dont say that i don want to sell the source code and so on. i just see that peoople write here that i can not sell my prodcut because it dont match standards.
but if somebody tell me that i can sell it then i want to sell it.