Can I RESUBMIT my item on themeforest or wait for LONG REVIEW TIME?


Hi all,

I submitted my Site Template 15+ days ago still haven’t heard anything back. Still says Queued for Review. Should i delete and resubmit or wait for the item review from Themeforest ? And how long should i wait for review?




Although it doesn’t seem to have updated correctly, keep and eye on this for a rough idea of review times. I’m pretty sure site templates were quite a bit more than 15 days the last time I checked.


Last time it was 8 days


You should not delete and resubmit as you have to wait for another 15 days then


Hello buddy not only you waiting all author are waiting for each item approved time 20 up days … so coll and wait for review … you want to delete and again submit for review . it’s okay but again need to wait for fist


Thank you for your Support . :grinning:


The review time page thing is working now. Says 20 days for site templates. That’s an average over the last seven days, so it might be more or less than that… hopefully it will be reviewed before the weekend, should be early next week if not.