How long review for Themeforest? It is queued for review 15 days ago

Hi, I’m new to Themeforest.
How long review for Themeforest? I already submit 15 days ago.
Is normal or is there any problem?.
I read in another post which usually takes between 3-7 days or finaly 10 days (template HTML).

tanke you

oh my god!!!

35 days is not true… In my experience on my latest item… It is reviewed 70+ days… :slight_smile:

I came here after 13 days waiting wondering if this is normal. It used to take only 5 days a few months ago. Now it says 35 days for WP themes. :frowning:

Well the good news is it’s only about 2 days for resubmissions.

just check it, it tells 40 days. Hope this is actually true, not just illustrated number for WP (after a long time it shows 35days all the time).