Can I remove a resubmission of a Hidden Item

Hello Everyone,

After Submitting new changes of a hidden item, I discovered that the Category Experiment has not ended yet,

Can I remove the resubmission without deleting the item from the list of hidden items ?

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You can remove item from the resubmitted queue but you can’t removing that from hidden item tab without deleting
Hope you understand?.


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with respect from your topics description I don’t think there is any logical cause to delete item from the review queue where you already submitted for review. It will not be good practice for any Author to delete item from review queue without any improvement/fixing issues. Just it is my personal opinion but decision is your. Thanks

We don’t have a clear announcement that the experiment has ended but it seems the experiment has ended, I have cleared my cookies a few days ago and the items still sorted as newest items

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We have tested in deifferent browsers. And they shows differently Newest Items / Best Sellers / Trending

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Thank you :slight_smile: