Soft rejected - resubmission question

Hello everyone,

Sorry for maybe lame question but I am kinda new to the website and still getting used to it.
So…my template got soft rejected yesterday, and a bit later i did all the necessary changes and improved the item. I resubmitted it, but…I keep seeing the old item in the “hidden items” field. Is that normal ? Or i just did something wrong ? Because I am kinda confused now…didn’t I resubmitted the old item, even tho i reuploaded it using the “edit” field. Are the changes visible since I dont see them… I see my resubmission in “Authors dashbord” but…you got my point :slightly_smiling:
I would really appreaciate some support concerning this matter .
Thanks in advance !

Editing that hidden item file is resubmit :smiley: