Can I merge more than one item into one item?

I’ve been wondering if I can merge more than one item into one item.
Because they are in the same category, mostly landing pages + simple HTML templates + WHMCS hosting templates, I found it beneficial to group them in one, especially the ones that don’t get enough downloads, I believe buyers will be happy with more than one option for a reasonable price combined!

But how can I merge all these comments, reviews, support licenses… etc?

Sound like an impossible mission
Any advice or guidance?


You can’t merge the current items on sale. ( comments, reviews, support licenses… etc )

Hi @brandio,

I think you are talking about bundle. Actually in themeforest bundle item is not suitable because here mostly sale template/theme. But you are allowed to sale bundle item (bundle of your already approved items) in codecanyon. for example you can bundle wordpress plugins, add-ons of a plugin etc.

If you get approve your bundle item then it will be a separate item and your included items in the bundle will not be merged (comments, reviews, licenses). included items are also separate items.


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