Merge 2 items

Can i merge 2 items into one item in codecanyon? I mean if as a author i want to merge 2 of my items into one item. Is it possible? How?

It’s not possible because both items has it’s own different customers.

But if both items are from the same category then you can try to Upload a new item as Bundle where you can add those 2 items. If the reviewer approve then it can be a new product/item.

But both items are identical, so we wanted to merge. So can i delete one item with less sales and just keep the second one as merger is not possible?

No! because both items has it’s own different existing customers.
Please note once you will delete any item then you will not allowed to upload the item again.

I can’t upload any item? or the same item?

the same item mean the deleted item.

Both the item are identical so i don’t want the item deleted to be back

In this case Bundle concept will not work. and You should not delete any item because in this way your existing customers will be affected.

I don’t know what is your item’s functionality but if possible you can merge the features in one item (better saling one) and try to get approve the update.

Yes i want to merge the features into one, but i am concerned for the item which i need to delete because of it as the buyers won’t be merged

If you delete the item your existing customers will not get the item in the market anymore and they may complain. but if you don’t delete then existing customers at least will be able to download the item, will be able to contact you for getting support and in future they may get update if you publish any update.

Also better to contact Envato author support because reviewer may not approve the update (merge features from another item and you are going to delete that one).

So is there a way to hide it?

You have to contact Envato author support and have to request them. Only Envato team can hide/delete any item.