Can i let my customers to pay more for premium account of my product?


I have a product on Codecanyon and my customers need to create an account before using the product. Now, I’m working to add a Premium features and my customers need to pay for it in order to unlock the new features. So, is this allowed?

No - also you are not allowed to force users to create an account (Beyond their envato one) to use the item as it is now

I am amazed that something like that was approved or that a reviewer went to the trouble of setting up an account to test it?!

No, creating an account not required. You can use your purchase code. But we just recommend our customers to create an account.

OK, so now i need to stop working on the premium features and make it free with the app?

Any explanation please? Sorry, i just confused now!

The issue is that you are an exclusive author - check this especially point 5

Adding them as part of the core product would enhance its sales value, or else if the updates are enough then you could create it as a stand-alone add on and sell that

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But I see authors with more than +5000 sales using their own login system. I mean, how can they use it? I got it about making premium features but what about the register system? Also, a detailed description of creating an account is added to the page of the product so, how can i force them and they know exactly that they will create an account?

It would depend on various things -

For example, you can write in that users need to register their p/code via some kind of check written in your code/admin (presumably this is what you have seen), and you can even restrict certain features like auto-updates, demo content etc. until this is actioned.

However, users must still be able to use the core functionality of the item without needing to do this

Okay, i got the part of the Purchase Code now. I own an app with remote configuration made by my system not Google Firebase. Also, some authors uses purchase code to access app configuration and other authors uses both envato account and their own system to access app builder and even no description presented about using their own account. So, what i’m asking is it allowed to use both Purchase Code and custom account by my brand option? I mean that’s very important to me. Also, configuration data are hosted on my customers are hosted on my server/ their server by totally their decision. They decide whether host data on their server or my own one. Can you please explain if this allowed to do. I just don’t want to lose my product so, if something is not allowed then i can fix it. thank you

To be more specific, I sell an app. You get the whole app without any restrict or need to create any type of accounts or purchase code but to configure it, you need to create an account.

To be honest I don’t know enough about that category to say for sure. I’d suggest reaching out to support Envato Authors Help and Support

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Okay thank you so much for help