Can I offer a hosted version of my CodeCanyon app?

I wanted to know if as an exclusive author, or any author at all, can I offer a hosted version of my app after I publish it to the Envato Market?

i am sure thats fine.

can you prevent one of your buyers doing same?

you are not allowed to sell anywhere else but that doesn’t prevent you from offering hosted (saas) version.

Do you think it would be worth it?

Hi Seasle

This is a very interesting question as I too have an app that really would be better as a hosted version (saas) as it would cause the purchaser ‘less problems’ in setting up some items such as social media logins etc and creating the ‘right’ database - it’s actually a large DB so whilst no complex to set up it’s better to use ‘mine’ as it’s already set up correctly. Like wise the system uses FireBase so a purchaser would need a FireBase account - where as as a SAAS then :slight_smile: bingo all that ‘taken away’ so I will be watching this thread for replies / comments etc. Be very interested in how you get on