Selling month Subscriptions (SaaS)


I’ve searched a lot on the forums, and found little to zero information about this topic.

There are a LOT of authors who wants to provide a “pay-by-usage” option for their big applications. In other words, customers would pay a small amount of money each month for the use of (partly) cloud-hosted services.

Is there any license/way that we can sell these services here on codecanyon? Am I missing something? As it’s quite hard to believe that, in 2019, this type of marketing, very often used for the most professional solutions, is completely ignored by Envato?

Thanks to anyone pointing me to the right direction, and sorry if I missed something in the documentation/licenses info!

Have all a nice day!

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This isn’t allowed - in your specific suggestion it’s mainly because envato don’t own the items and a subscription would be offering a proposed period of access that envato wouldn’t be able to guarantee