Can I have the Envato watermark removed while browsing as a paying customer?

I am trying to speed up my workflow and instead of downloading a stock video file, I would just like to record my screen and zoom in and out of the shot of people’s faces as some of their reactions are hilarious. I’m wondering if when you’re a paying customer if the envato watermark is removed from the download page.

That would allow people to exploit the system. For example, if you haven’t downloaded an item, it’s easy to get a refund, and if there’s no watermark, people can just do a screen record and then refund the item because they haven’t downloaded it yet.

I may just make do with the watermark being in the screen record. Now of course I intend to buy a license but is there any way I can contact Envato directly to see if this would work if I followed the rules of their licensing for each project I use?

There’s nothing you can do about it. They’re not going to offer to remove the watermark.