Help to remove the watermark

hi all
i just bought a mov format video, but it has a watermark as background, could anyone tell me how to take that watermark off?

thanks a lot

contact the author. There is no way to remove it. They should have provided it without the watermark. Kind of surprised they didn’t catch something like that when it was uploaded.

Hello, I am the video reviewer, and my apologies for saying it like this, but if you bought a video…it does not have a watermark. The purchased videos come in a higher resolution, and are watermark free. If you are trying to use the preview video, there is no way to remove the watermark. It’s there to prevent unauthorized use.

Again sorry, I don’t want to sound like I’m making accusations, if you truly purchased a video and are finding it to be watermarked, then something is wrong with the file. Please email me using the contact link on my profile page “Link”: with the name of the video you bought. So I can assist you further. :slight_smile: