Can I give away a couple tracks' licences for free for promotional purpose ?

Hi guys,

So here’s the thing, I’m in touch wich a couple big Youtubers that are interested in my tracks and they’re willing to use them and give me a shoutout. I’d like to give them the licence for free since they would bring me a lot of exposure, but I didn’t find a way to create a discount or giveawa code within AJ. Does anyone knows the process ?

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In envato there is no such options. You can’t sale license for free of cost.



Hello @LonePeakMusic ! You can read this article about discounts. ( please read carefully, there are strict rules for discounts)

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info !

Ok thanks for your answer.
This got me thinking. I assume that I could just send the wav file to the youtuber and allow him to use them. However I don’t know if I’m allowed to do so since I set myself as an exclusive AJ author.

Being an exclusive author ties you down quite firmly unfortunately. Although the policy doesn’t specifically mention giving out freebies, it does say " there are no other circumstances in which you can make your exclusive items (or related items) available outside of Envato without breaching this exclusivity policy."
Have a read here for more information:

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You can always use packs with a discount.

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Yeah I found this article earlier and it seems that I can’t do this. Thanks a lot for your insight though it’s good to know ! I guess I’ll switch back to non exclusive for a while then… I don’t make tons of sales at the moment anyway ^^