can I get clarification on the reasons why my assets always get rejected? I beg for get directions.

Hello friends.

I asked my friends to rate my design. because I always get my design rejected by Graphic River and I don’t get any clear reason.

I would like to upload the master design file at the same time so that friends can review how my design source settings should be so that they can be accepted by the graphic river. but here can not include the source file.

Thank You. Hopefully this can soon get an explanation from friends.

Hello @luqmanaditiamala

Sorry for I said you that your logo is very basic (error colors, leave (already have in marketplace), typography, lack add text for tagline).


Thanks for your feedback.

This is the umpteenth design that can be rejected.

Can I ask specifics personally? I mean by e-mail? I want to send the file format as requested by Graphic River and want you to check if my file is eligible. I’m also a little confused about the file requirements requested, it’s just that none of my designs have been accepted, so I don’t have a concrete reference.

Hope you can accept it.


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Yes, you can send me a message private.

may I have your email address?

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I already submit you a message private.

Maybe this design looks generic :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thank you to reach my question :blush: