Can Exclusive author sell in fiverr gig ?

I too believe Fiverr like websites are direct competior for Envato even though business model is different, So going by ethics I am against using videohive exclusive projects elsewhere except own client base.Envato should update their exclusive terms regards Fiverr like services.


I would not say that the client pays for the finished product. The client pays for the service in which the project is involved. The authors don’t sell ready-made video slideshows on Fiverr. The client’s photos should be placed in the slideshow. So initially there is no ready-made video product.

But the client DOES receive a finished file… sure, there’s a service involved, but a client isn’t paying an author on Fiverr to customize a template and not receive anything tangible in return.

In my understanding Service Delivery Variants section of the exclusivity policy for related items, covers this scenario. It says you can’t sell the item in different formats or as an end usable item. The example they provided is “MyTheme and MyTheme Hosted”. It means if you have a Web Theme exclusively on themeforest then you can’t host it to a website and then sell the hosted website through other platforms. Same thing applies to Videohive too. You own a template but you can’t customize it and sell it through another platform. So no Fiverr for exclusive authors.


@VProxy actually raises a very interesting point within the Envato Exclusivity Policy.

I would interpret the Service Delivery Variants section as a clear NO to whether or not authors are permitted to use exclusive items in services sites or such as Fiverr.

(It appears @StrokeVorkz also raised this point several days ago)

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As I replied 6 days ago in same thread, it was clear you are not permitted to use your exclusive items in publicly available services or productized services, all these Fiverr like services falls within these category and explanation

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You are permitted to use your exclusively-sold templates to create end-products, which for example is a .mp4 file, as a freelancer just as @Typps said it.

You are not permitted to sell, in this case, the After Effects project files on other sites when you are an Exclusive author.

“You can use your own exclusive theme to help create a customized website for a client project”

In the Videohive way it would be:

“You can use your own exclusive template to help create a customized video for a client project”


End Of Story!

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You are right and Wrong.

It says you can use your own item to create a customized video for your client.

It is never saying you can sell your customization service in another platform.

Both are very different. For example if one of my clients contact me for a awards video i can use a template that I sell here in videohive to create a awards video for him, which is what is allowed here.

It is not allowing me to sell my template customization service in another competing platform. Envato exclusivity policy clearly says Related items should be exclusive to videohive only.

What you understood is very wrong. For example lets say i have christmas wishes AE project i can’t create a pre-rendered video of the same and sell it in a competing platform. Envato don’t allow it. Though you are only selling the pre-rendered mp4 it is against the Exclusivity rule.

I think instead of providing confusing answers from their own perspective people should read the envato exclusivity policy properly.

A competing platform means a site where templates are being sold. Fiverr does not sell templates. Respectfully, it is not a competing platform to Videohive. It’s a place where clients hire freelancers to get a job done and according to Envato I can use my exclusive templates to create customized videos as a freelancer.

I’m not going to argue anymore. It’s your choice in what you want to believe.

Respectfully, there is no argument here.We are just discussing the possibilities based on what we understood.

We always understand things in the way it works for us easily. May be I’m wrong. But that is what i understood. You explained your understanding. So you could be also wrong.

From my understanding as I explained earlier Envato prohibits Authors to sell the Pre-rendered video of a existing template to other sites. It don’t have to be competing platform. So you can’t say i’m only giving the final video in mp4 format not the source files. Because the source file as well as the final output video belongs to the same product family.

Fiverr is not a place where you hire a freelancer to get a job done. Fiverr is marketplace where you sell something based on what you have already. So you are displaying the exclusive template which is supposed to be available only in Videohive in Fiverr for the service you are providing there which is not allowed. A place like Upwork is more like where you actually hire a freelancer not Fiverr. In upwork you don’t list your template instead you list yourself as a freelancer where people can hire you for a particular job. So in fiverr you are actually selling your template in a different format which is not allowed. This what I understood from Envato exclusivity policy rules and how it applies to Fiverr.

Only Envato can clear it up for us. So I think someone should contact Envato support and get the answer.Rather than we discuss this for ourselves Envato should provide more clarity.

Guys, I asked Envato Support directly about that.

So my question was:
Do I need buy license (from myself) to use my own templates (I am author) for my freelance customers on Fiverr?

the answer from Envato support
No. You can use your own items for free in your freelance work for clients.


I think the question itself is very vague and the answer is right for that.

The question should be more like.

Can I list my exclusive template from Videohive as a customization service in Fiverr for Fiverr Customers?

In my opinion (Again I could be wrong)
The customers you get from Fiverr are not your clients they are more like Fiverr customers.
Same like the person purchasing your template from videohive are more like videohive customers rather than your clients.

But if the answer you got from Envato support is right and if we can use our templates as a service in Fiverr, I will be happy to put my content for services in Fiverr without hesitation.


Yes, your opinion is wrong.


So, after this long discussion and 53 comments from different authors, after all this, this thread got buried and no one from the staff tried to clear things up!

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