Can Exclusive author sell in fiverr gig ?

Obviously, the customer is not required to buy the AE file from Videohive because he only needs the video animation from you. Why not add the price of the AE file to your customization and rendering service? This way you will get more money while the client pays the same amount.

It is absolutely fine, When you have your own market place, But when we work with Envato, we have certain terms and conditions agreed, When a customer contacts from videohive website for customization, bypassing videohive is against the terms we agreed.

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It has been cleared earlier, if you sell only the rendered video (end product) and not the AE project then you are not breaking any agreement.

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I would like to see the exact quote from the terms.

However, you are not permitted to offer publicly available services or productized services (including SaaS versions) related to your exclusive items outside of Envato that would result in a customer getting access to your item or a substitutable end product based on your item, in circumstances where the customer has not purchased a license on Envato.

If you provide the modified source files along with output, Then it requires a licence from Envato,

So we can’t give clients any source files that can be customized. We all agree with that.

But there is nothing about end product (in our case just video file).

Technically you are missing the point. Exclusivity Means you just need to sell and use on videohive site only. If you are using those same source files on another site means you are no longer using them as exclusive. Because you are using the same project files that are agreed to sell or distribute through videohive exclusive Platform.

Because you are not even allowed to sell in in your own sites, So you are not allowed to use them on your own too.

Don’t get confused, the exclusivity agreement is only for selling and distributing the AE projects and NOT their use from the author that owns the copyright.

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Then I will start My own website offering rendering service not project files. Looks Like its allowed.
I hope someone from Team Will answer this ?

It’s better to contact support.

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Not a team member,
But, think that it will be a violation of the Adobe After Effects license agreement.
Not sure you can resell their render engine / service.

If it was that easy, we would’ve all been broke thanks to PlaceIt :):laughing::laughing:

So Finally as a exclusive author can I sell my project output I mean mp4 or mov files (not include the working project files or source files) in fiverr or anywhere?. Just answer yes or not. Waiting from envato team’s answer.

So Finally as a exclusive author can I sell my project output I mean mp4 or mov files (not include the working project files or source files) in fiverr or anywhere?

It is best to contact support to get a definitive answer. I know that envato does allow using your own items for freelance work without purchasing your items. As was pointed out earlier.

However, they may not be happy with an on-demand offer that is basically a competing offer to your item on marketplace and can be interpreted as “offering your items elsewhere”.

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Of-course you will be selling the end video of your project elsewere as a freelancer to people that don’t have knowledge of After Effects or even computers, so it is not exactly a competative market.

I disagree. I have many customers who are more interested in the final video than the project files.

It is the “a la carte” pre-made “you know what you get” kind of offering that is in my eyes very similar to the template market.

If it is fundamentally different if you only offer the final video and not the project files is up for debate. For some end users (maybe most), I guess it isn’t.

Well in that case you have the option and the chance to charge a considerably larger fee, so I am guessing the cost of an envato licence would be just a small fraction of it.
The fact is that quite many videohive freelancers customers (or not) are profiting from our projects by selling end products without any way for us to check if they bought proper lisence. It would sound a bit unfair - at least to me - to deny such an option for the copyright holder.

The question is if he has to purchase a license or not.

anyway, best to contact support to get an answer.

I’m probably not the best source to provide a definitive answer. If you ask me, Envato’s language regarding licensing and usage on other websites is somewhat vague and contradictory.

Here’s my own personal opinion: if an author has signed an exclusivity agreement, they shouldn’t be able to use those resources anywhere but Envato marketplaces – but that’s not exactly supported in some of the documentation found for licenses and fair usage.

To support @StrokeVorkz’s statement below, ethically, I personally wouldn’t use graphics that I’m selling exclusively on another marketplace.

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