Can anyone help?, why is my logo always rejected?, and I don't know the reason

Why reject my logo designs??? i am follow any rules in envato !
help me !

hi , as for me i like it , though here are a collection of notes regarding to how i feel …

1- i think that you should put a bit more detail in the lion all the same , adding eyes for instance so that the illustration looks more in relief or not this flat or “raw”

2- u really have some work to do when it comes to harmony, at this stage both parts, illustration and texts seem like pasted right next to each other and seem kind of disconnected

3- the typo is sort of clean but here u need to push the envelope more when it comes to this part as this is an important part no matter what is the category in which u submit … u need to introduce more originality , more variations and font combinations too , this will help to create a more solid hierarchy of information too

4- colors are really varying too much from one element to the other and u lose harmony by doing so …