Buying and Registration Process

I just want to get the attention of the Envato Team over some problems regarding the theme buying and registration process: (ps: sorry for my english)

  1. i had some issues regarding the access to the user account, and the Envato team do not help me in any kind of issue. The theme author tried to help contacting Envato me but the Envato team still without solving anything.

  2. as web developer, i suggested to my client to buy directly from the Envato site the theme i need to develop the site, this because there is not the possibility to transfer the theme to another account if the client in the future will decide to work with another developer. If i buy the theme and my client decide to work in the future with other developer he do not have the possibility to update the theme or having assistance from the author…

  3. my client registered a new account but he insert a wrong email address, so he had the possibility to buy the theme, pay it, but he never received the confirmation e-mail and the consequence is that he cannot retrieve the purchase code, he cannot have assistance, he cannot update and the Envato team DO NOT HELP in this issue, after 3 weeks the client still without assistance from the author and the purchase code, even if Envato confirm that the theme was bought. You should ask the confirmation before the possibility to purchase the theme.

Now, before writing this, i sent tens of tickets to Envato, without any answer… i hope that this topic will get the attention from the Envato Team and the users in order to solve these problems.


Avocads Team

did you find any solution i have the same problem?