How do I get support to speed up

Hello there, I have used this service for a while and paid for a lot of your products and all works fine until i need support.

I have a new high priced theme that I bought and it will not activate due to envato not sending the activation email. I have contacted support multiple times through the ticket system but in 48h I have only got 1 response. The issue is I have a dev team that im paying for and they cannot even start the project.

Can some one please tell me if there are any other contact methods that I can use to speed this process up as this is very frustrating.

Can you clarify what you mean by this? Have you actually installed the theme but are stuck on the activation step? If so, this is handled by the theme author, not Envato, so it would be best to contact them.

Here are the different ways you can contact the author of your theme:

While @baileyherbert is spot on - out of interest is it the theme that seems not to activate or a plugin?

Yes im stuck on the activation, envato will not accept my username in the activation process

Theme it says log in to envato to activate but envato will not accept my login, I do not think this is an authors issue, I think you are passing the book. The theme works perfect but failed the activation on the envato website. For the money and usage i have given this envato (And paid extra for support), I expected better support. Can some one just please look in to this issue for me

Its a theme

It looks like an issue with envato creating a token for my activation, instead i get redirected to an api loking page that will not let me log in.

I see, interesting. As far as I was aware, themes are required to allow you to activate using a purchase code rather than signing in with your Envato account. Are you sure there isn’t an option for this?

Also, if the image below is the screen you’re getting stuck at, then yep - that’s definitely something Envato will need to help you with, and they’ll get back to you via email as soon as they can. If you don’t hear back in another day or two, perhaps you can post your ticket number here and staff can check the status?

good idea …Your request (1198557)

I cant wait a day or 2 as im paying for a dev team under contract. Can I just get a refund please.

Yes thats the page i get

Thanks for the helpful response, first one i got :slight_smile:

Maby it might be an idea to try envato social media to see if a can get a response there

You may also want to try going to and seeing if there are any options to resend the activation email. Of course, make sure to check your spam folder.

A refund could be complicated since you’ve already downloaded the item, but support may make an exception based on the circumstances. You can read up on the refund policy and how to initiate a refund here:

No Options ill try a password reset see if that works, thanks once again for your help

do you know what time there support Hours are and where they are based ?

Support is international but when you send in a ticket, somebody reviews it shortly after and assigns it to a relevant technician, so you’re only likely to get a reply in the hours of that technician.