Buyers with Support Expired?



Hi all,

I have one question, what to do on the buyers with Support Expired? Do I need to continue giving support or stop it or tell them to purchase another support? In items comment section I can still respond “write a reply”… I thought this will automatically disable once support expired… any thoughts?



Today I had request from buyer with “Support Expired” badge. I replied to his request and also asked to purchase extended support. He did it. :slightly_smiling:

I’m curious about different thing. Are buyers with “Support Expired” badge allowed to rate an item? If so, somebody can ignore expired support and push on authors by negative rating.


Yes, you can still rate the item even if your support already expired…


There should not be an option to rate an item once the support expired, it should sound.


Yeah, expired support users should not allowed to rate item :confused: