Item Support With Updates Suggestion

I want to make a suggestion.

This doesn’t apply to everyone but there are times I feel sellers can hinder an item from working properly. I find more and more that I need support but it’s expired. The support I need isn’t a lack of knowledge of the products but always that a update has programming issues. When I ask in comments I’m directed to a ticket system that says support expired.

While I like the concept and have no issues paying someone when I need support, I feel that sellers need to be held accountable for their products as well. Why should I pay support for a broken item?

Just this week I bought a product that didn’t even work. The answer I got was to wait as they were trying to find a fix. If I had known their product was broke I would have purchased something else. Items that are faulty should be able to be reported as broken and sales suspended until fixed. This insures a timely fix.

Other minor issues can cause major problems. I had another one yesterday after it auto updated. The site stopped working correctly. I tried to ask what they had done but was directed to an expire support page. The issue was a simple CSS coding “mistake”.

I would like to see a system in place where anyone that has access to a product can report it’s standing, submit bugs or issues. That’s all I was trying to do. Not only does it help people who have paid for the product but it helps the programmers learn where issues may be hiding.

A final issue I see, I hope I didn’t overlook it, is that there’s no REPORT button. I purchased an item that was ripped off from someone else. There was no way to easily report this. It just seems there could be a few easier steps in place to insure fairness and productivity across the board.

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