Buyers making mistakes?

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed some buyers buying multiple “mass production” licenses for the same track. Is there ever a justification for this? I mean, I’m not complaining if it’s legit. But I don’t want the buyer to be screwing themselves. Do they a new license for each unique production? Just recently they bought 5 of the same track for “mass production.” Any need to worry?

Yes, every license is for 1 end product only. I would be more concerned for customers using 1 license for more than 1 project…

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Awesome, thanks! That makes sense.

Better to be happy than concerned of that. :thumbsup:!

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Usually royalty free means pay once, use as many times as you want. So I can see why you ask. But Envato has their own interpretation, with only 1 use per license. :grinning: