Butterfly was rejected, I need your advice


It was hard rejected with the following message:

After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘Butterfly’
isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the
review process on AudioJungle. As the submission is too far off the
standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

Comments from your Quality team

This submission does not meet our general commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Refer to this document (the first half) for guidelines as to what this might mean.


It is that bad ?


I can’t imaging this music as a background to video or any other media product. Try to listen top sellers to understand Audiojungle trends. Good luck :slight_smile:


I see, so is that bad for AJ

Thank you for your fast response.


I agree, this track is a bit to aggressive. Read this article and take some time and listen to the top sellers and featured files. Good luck with sales dude.


Listen, analyze, study, work. And success will come!:slight_smile:


Thank you, I will!


This track has problems with panning?


More sound in the left channel.


I think is more then paning, because was hard rejected, I think also the composition is wrong.
I don’t know yet what exactly but I need to learn more about aj composition and mixing.

I really like this track :D(especially the harp synth[altough everyone say is old and not good] … don’t know why )