Bug Report Product Price Codecanyon

I found a product page on Codecanyon with price for regular license $9999999 . This is funny.

I do not know where else to report the problem. I hope this was helpful for envato team .

You can contact Envato Support. They will probably ask the author to change the price

Link for Envato Support page? I do not find this. :confused:
I think the problem is from Envato, not generated by author.

UPDATE : I find this page on Google : https://studio.envato.com/contact, but is for Envato Studio

I found another bug. But this is visual . Content site intersects footer, this is not very pleasant.


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Thank you !

Hi there!

That’s not a bug/issue. Since Envato introduced Author Driven Pricing any author can set their own price. I know it sounds funny ($9999999 :slight_smile: ) but this is what that author wanted to have.

All the best

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Oh God ! Thank you for clarification ! :sweat_smile:
I was a few months busy with other projects. I lost interesting things :flushed: .

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It’s price violation. As I stated before, if you contact the Envato support, they will contact the author and ask them to fix the price


Additionally, there are consumer law protections against misleading/deceptive pricing and discounting practices.
Pricing conduct violations that are brought to our attention may result in your account being suspended or permanently disabled.