Bug in collections - items in reversed order

Few days ago i found all my items in all collections placed in wrong order. By default, all collection sorted by date. But in my case, sort by descending, used by default, created wrong order of items - older items shown earlier than newer. I wrote to support, but got no respone from them.


Which “sort-by” are you referring to? There are two “sort by” functions in the collections - one that sorts by the release date of the item, and the other that sorts by the date you added them to the collection.

I am refering to “sort by date” feature. All my items added to collections almost immediately after release. When i choose “sort by item release” order of items is correct.

That’s strange. :confused:

I would be inclined to show “sort by sales” or “sort by item release” though anyway. I wouldn’t bother with sorting by date of “adding to collection”. You can specify which “sort by” you want to offer as default by copying the link once you’ve applied the filter.

That’s right. It happened few days ago and i checked this on few accounts of my friends here - it seems “sort by date” is default now with WRONG order, when older items show earlier than newer. And this is wrong.

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But now i need to change it manually for all of my 257 items. I am angry.

Yeah, mine has reversed as well. Do you think they’ll fix it, or was it intentional? I don’t want to go back and fix all my item descriptions. Can’t imagine 257!! :dizzy_face:

I dont know when it was changed, but it seems it happened few days ago, because newer items slowed in sales and i saw rise in sales of older items.But i DO NOT WANT TO SHOW OLDER ITEMS BY DEFAULT, i need to show newer, which is better, i believe.

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Does it work when you set it to “sort by item release”? If “sort by date” is buggy and broken, I’d just avoid it. Unfortunately it means you’ve got to change it for all your 257 items :sweat:

I used to have a similar navigation system in my item descriptions. A few modifications and re-brands later I decided it was too much to maintain so I removed it. Now I just rely on buyers to click through the portfolio button on the right side :expressionless:.

I’d like a feature where we can edit all of our item descriptions at once - like a “master page” that affects all descriptions. This would make maintaining consistency across our item pages so much easier.


I’ve seen that suggested multiple times around here.
That needs to happen.


Agree with you guys.

+1 Yessss!

It is bothersome that things like this change and create more work for us.:confounded: I just now went through all of my track desciptions as AurusAudio outlined above (thank you for that tip!) and re-pasted in new links. I don’t have the numbers of LumenMedia, but at 57 tracks it was still time consuming (around 3 hours). I decided to order tracks by sales within each Collection.

+1 Until the bug is resolved, this is what I would do.

We need reply from Envato officials. This is huge mistake to place older tracks before newer.

Same problem :frowning:

Yep, I see the same…

Just wanted to chime in to say I’ve notified Envato about this, and hopefully they’ll stop by and respond if this isn’t fixed soon. Thanks for your patience guys :thumbsup:

EDIT: In the meantime, if one of you can report the issue to Envato Market Help, they may get to it through that too.

All fixed now.

I have noticed the same problem again :frowning: