What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



Yes I can’t understand this. This is very curioius. Doesn’t matter the queue length but why some tracks are approved in 2 or 3 days??


Seems to be not. 31 days, still in queue.

Your last item approval was 6 days ago.


Who are those people on new files list? Just open random thumbnails chances are they are members since June 2016 ?!?!?


Whats going on???


Just have to wait and hope that it will soon stop!


Few days ago I noticed all items in my collections placed in wrong order. I wrote about it in this thread: Bug in collections - items in reversed order. This bug is still there. Perhaps in the “reviever’s collections” (if such a thing exists …) is the same bug and added songs appear in reverse order? It’s just speculation …


All should vote for the ID Verification for authors.

And btw: 30 days approved for Chillout House track.


Among others, I’ve got a 31 and a 30 in my queue now, so you’ve given me a glimmer of hope amidst the gloom.


Going on 32 days. Is there any update on the June approval time frame improvement?


I don’t understand, it says 19 days, and I have 2 items in queue that are almost 25 days old. I suppose we should expect some announcements soon. (or maybe not?)


I’m also loving all these newly reviewed authors posting about their hard rejects or first AJ items that all got reviewed a few days after they uploaded them!


1 months and one day.
Maybe items with more than 19 days won’t be review. They spent their turn…


Found TONS of “Members since June 2016” with 1 item and 0 sales these days, and LOTS of those with ripped off tracks and copy-pasted descriptions (I googled a few between commas and they are simply stolen from other sources). What amazes me the most is that I have several items queued for 1 month and 3 days almost, and they have their tracks approved in obviously less than a week. So frustrating.


So today we are getting a statement why new authors get reviewed in 3 days, and how established authors are waiting for over a month right? Probably a good reason behind all of this.


God damn!


One from my new item waiting more than 1 month, and two both have 22 days, so it’s seems I need delete their and upload again? or what!? why new authors not waiting so long? 3-5 days and approved!!!`One from my new item waiting more than 1 month, and two both have 22 days, so it’s seems I need delete their and upload again? or what!? why new authors not waiting so long? 3-5 days and approved!!!


33 days and still NOT reviewed :rage:


Hey guys! I’m a kinda “new/old” author here, I’ve been a member for some time but had to delete my port due to exclusivity elsewhere and now I’m uploading again. Funny thing, yesterday I “re-submitted” an item that was soft-rejected a year ago and it was approved in several minutes yet stuff I uploaded 28 days ago still nothing. Just sitting there. But the batch before that (one test file :slight_smile: ) was approved on 28th day.
Also, P5 and several others moved to background check, especially for sfx authors. You need ID or passport, Linkedin page, FB page, your own website (any of those), then you need a printscreen of your DAW with the most recent upload to P5 etc… They had a rough time with copycats and copyrighted material and now, to get accepted it’s a bit harsh but it’s working. I don’t see why ID or any kind of verification for that matter isn’t obligational here…

Btw, already got two sales on one item :))) Whoohoo for me :slight_smile: It’s a start.

What's going on Envato?
State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues.

mayby envato is hacked?!:anguished:


Could be that they’ve got two sets of reviewers, half to clear the backlog and half to start on new tracks. They did say they’d be shortening review times from June onwards, they didn’t mention that it would be at the sacrifice of not clearing the backlog. Can anybody with both new and old items confirm that the ones in June are getting reviewed quicker? If so it seems obvious to just deleted any from May and re-upload.