Bought theme last week and it doesnt work

“The link You Followed Has expired” is the message I get when installing it thorugh wordpress. It had 6 months support but cactus themes says its not supported. Despite it listing Video Pro as one of the theme it supports. I mean if I just bought something that 3,000 others have bought and it doesn’t work should I not get a refund? If they wont support it?

The Theme is Video Pro with 3000 customers and 4.5 approval rating thus why I bought it.

Cactus Message To Me “Sorry, this product isn’t supported. Want to refresh Envato login?”

Have you tried to reach the author of the theme?

As I see the theme is supported

If you asked for support and got refused you can simply ask for a refund:

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It’s worth checking out two possible solutions to this error message from @baileyherbert and @LucaThemesCom

Yes, that’s who gave me the lower message. In other words, if you buy it and they don’t support it you cant even talk about it thus my frustration.

Thanks Charlie but I just bought it like 3000 others. Why are they suddenly no supporting it. It says they do.

That is odd, that especially from a power elite author.

The only thing I can think of is that the support people were talking about installation not being covered by support which is the case in the standard support policy (although most authors will help with this).

The item clearly says it’s supported so if you have a screenshot of that and a record of the message that they sent you then you should be able to get a refund easily enough.

Hi @dennisallums

I’ve also seen this error on a couple of websites I’ve worked on. The error appears when the theme package has a greater size than the Maximum File Upload Size set in your WordPress.

To fix this error, you’ll have to raise that Maximum File Upload Size, this is an article explaining how:

Hoping it helps a bit,
All the best!

Thanks ill try it. Still would of liked support but hopefully this will work.

Out of interest how long ago did you ask for support? It was via the authors support channels?

Initially about a week ago. But I never officially got that far for they denied even interacting with me for the item was not supported whatever that means.