Bought background music and author files a content ID on Youtube ?

How is it possible that I can’t use a song that I bought here because now, the author is blocking me for advertising my video on Youtube ?

I’m specifically referring to The Forgotten Atmospheric Background

I’ve read the License agreement here and it’s my understanding that I can use it in a video ?

What can I do now ?



Please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to assist you with official answer.



This is perfectly normal, most music is registered with ContentID. The license you bought precisely serves the purpose of clearing the claim.

If the claimant is AdRev, simply go to this page and paste in the content of your license, the cliam is then clear within a few hours.

You may want to read this article for more information:

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it was not AdRev, but similar thing
I went here, and gave my license info, claim was release on the same day

Great, glad you had it sorted out :slight_smile: