How to use the License So that Youtube wont copyright My video

Im new here so sorry for the convenience, I just purchased my first sound in audio jungle. The music standard license, how do I work with youtube to let them know I have license to the music.

Hello! Try reading this article (everything is written there in detail).

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Thanks for the reply, will do some research on that. Hahaha sorry for the convenience.

I just read the link, so I should put my item ID on the description?

No, there is nothing to be done preemptively. When you get a copyright claim, you can either dispute it via the dispute process at YouTube (which usually is the longer route), or use the third-party dedicated form (such as this one for AdRev) to clear it quicker. In both cases, you will have to attach your license certificate.

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Thanks for the reply, ama try the third party dedicated form.