Bought a BeHealth Template (Yolo) with 6 months support... but cant validate licence

Hello. Can someone help me: i bought recently a new wordpress template and I needed support. I went to Yolo site and started a helping topic.

I had validate my licence and have 1st answer. However to give follow up, I need to validate again and i allways have this feedback when I try to validate: “Purchase code is not valid.” (I bought template 1 week ago and i should have 6 months support!).

Can’t find a client support email for contact… I would appreciate your answer.


Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


I can’t find the contact of the author… and yolo site support need to validate the licence!!!

can you give me the theme name/title you purchased from themeforest!

BeHealth Yolo Theme

Can’t validate licence at support site!

You can post Comment here:

Or send them direct email from here (Contact form):

Thank you for your help. Just hope to have answer soon from author.

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