Book for free for Romanian authors "Wordpress Design and Development - 3rd edition"

If you are an Envato user/author and you are from Romania and you would like to receive this book for free just please let me know.

I ordered it from amazon in 2015 and now I am making a spring cleaning in my house and because I have already read it, instead of throwing it away, I thought it might help other people so I am giving it for free (with Romanian “Posta”)

It’s in a good condition (I am a book lover so you can imagine …)


Wow, great idea, @greenline and very generous! We should start a community-wide book sharing event where everyone shares tech, design, or creative-related books with one another. I wonder what other books are out there that community members are willing to giveaway? :books:


Hi @greenline, I would really love to take you up on that offer. :slight_smile: Right now I’m mentoring one junior dev and one intern, both on WordPress, and a book like that could really be useful for both of them, as I also see that it has great reviews. Let me know if it’s alright for you. Either way, I really appreciate the offer. Cheers!

Hi @WeCodePixels I would be happy to send it to you!

Just send me an email from my contact form on codecanyon or at greenline @ to tell me the address and on Monday I’ll send it to you! (Posta only opens in my village on Monday)

I’m so happy if I can help other people to learn something new! Cheers, have a great week-end!

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